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Yueqing HuiChuang Electric Co., Ltd, is an electric company located in the South of Zhejiang Province, Yueqing City. HC Electric Integrates development and manufacturing of Low-Voltage Apparatuses, Medium Voltage Power Transmission & Distribution, Lamps and Lighting Luminaries Department, Photovoltaic Equipment and Connecting Accessories for Renewable Vehicles.

In Low-Voltage Apparatuses Department, we are specialized in production of Household Voltage Protective Device, Auxiliaries for Circuit Breaker, AC Contactor, Metal Push Button, Industrial Plug and Sockets, Changeover switch, Energy Metering Terminal and Junction Box, Float Switch, Manganin shunt resistor, Modular Electric Energy Meter, Socket meter,Rubik's cube socket, Relay, Automatic transfer switch, Time Switch, Photoelectric Switch etc.

In Medium Voltage Power Transmission & Distribution Department, we have years’ manufacturing experience in Surge Arrester, HRC Fuse Switch Holder, Fuse Link, High Voltage Limit Current Fuse, Insulators.

In Lamps and Lighting Luminaries Department, HC Electric is focusing on  Tungsten Halogen Lamp for Airfield Lighting, Grow light for Botany, Factory Light, Flood Light and Solar Street Light.

In Photovoltaic Equipment Sector, we concentrate on development and production of Solar Automatic Reclosing Cicuit Breaker, Solar MC4 Connectors, Solar Isolating Switch, DC Circuit Breaker, Solar Surge Arresters, Solar Knife Switch, Solar Toolkit, etc.

In Renewable Vehicles Accessories department, we have High Voltage Transmission Connection Cable, Maintainance fuse and breaking Device for Electric Automobile, High Voltage Control Box, Power Socket and electric terminal connector, Charging gun etc.

We have many years of experience of export to overseas markets including Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, North America and Africa. HC Electric has adhered to the localized marketing strategy, building the intelligent sharing of global resources and collaborative business platform, and cooperating closely with local medium and high-end enterprises to achieve continuous and steady growth of global business.

HC Electric has strongly adhered to people-oriented and value-sharing culture with the mission of “making the electric power even safer, green, convenient and efficient”.HC Electric builds its image of green, energy-saving, sustainable innovation, reliability comprehensiveness, and win-win cooperation with “customer-focused, innovation, humble learning, integrity, collaboration, responsibility” as core values, and “creating values for customers. HC Electric is sincerely seeking to have strong cooperation with customers all around the world.




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