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HID Electronic Ballast

  • Street Light HID Electronic Ballast 150W
  • Street Light HID Electronic Ballast 150W
Street Light HID Electronic Ballast 150WStreet Light HID Electronic Ballast 150W

Street Light HID Electronic Ballast 150W

  • Power Rating-150W
  • Product description: Street Light HID Electronic Ballast 150W

The input characteristics

1, input voltage: 220 卤 3% VAC

2. Input current: 1卤3%A

3. Input power: 220W卤3W

4, input frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz

5, surge current: <20A

6, power factor: >0.98

7, harmonic components: <10%

8, input insurance: 250V/2.5A

The output characteristics

1, output power: 200W 卤 3%

2, lamp voltage: 70V ~ 150V

3. Output frequency: 130Hz卤10Hz

4, current crest factor: <1.25

5, open circuit voltage: >300V

6, ignition voltage: <4.5KV

7, short circuit protection: there are

8, open circuit protection: there are

9, ignition failure protection: there are

10, thermal protection: there are

11, lamp failure protection: there are


路 Product line adopts low frequency patented IC to form circuit design, energy saving and environmental protection.

路 Ballast constant power output to ensure the quality of the light source.

路 Low power consumption, 10% better light efficiency than magnetic ballasts

路 High power factor, power factor is greater than 0.98.

路 Suitable for light source, MH/CDM/HQI/HPS

路 Harmonic THD is less than 10%, no interference to the power grid and other electrical equipment.

路 With output open circuit, short circuit, temperature control and other multi-top protection functions, effectively protecting the use of light sources and electrical appliances.

路 The light source starts quickly, no stroboscopic, no noise.

路 The original device uses imported materials, SMT patch technology and strict inspection procedures to protect the excellent performance of each product, the product warranty for two years.

Product performance description:

路 The voltage is suitable for wide coverage, it can be used normally within the voltage range of 170-260V, the temperature rise of the ballast is low, and the fire safety is guaranteed.

路 Operating frequency: 130Hz low-frequency square wave, reducing damage to the lamp electrode, not only can extend the life of the lamp, avoid the flicker caused by audio resonance, and will not produce color drift.

路 Built-in digital microchip control, implementation of monitoring hot spot light and safety protection function: When the HID lamp is in the heat pipe condition, the internal pipe pressure will rise to tens of thousands of volts high voltage, and it is impossible to start lighting immediately, and must wait until the lamp is cooled, pipe pressure It can be turned on normally after falling below the starting voltage. In order to avoid the high-pressure lighting of the heat pipe, the lamp is damaged by the built-in microchip, and the light is turned on every 10 seconds. If the lamp cannot be lit, immediately turn off the lamp for 3 minutes, wait for the cycle mode to continue to light, if after 20 cycles The mode lighting still can't light the lamp, and the microchip will automatically judge the lamp abnormality and enter the shutdown mode.

路 Stop mode: When the lamp is damaged or unloaded, the built-in chip will issue a stop command. The power consumption in the stop mode will be less than 1W. When the lamp is reinstalled, the power switch should be turned on again to start the lamp.

路 High-voltage pulse: When starting up, it will generate 3K5-5KV high-voltage pulse to start the lamp. When it is in stop mode, the microchip will issue a command to stop the high-voltage pulse generation, so as to avoid the high voltage of the line insulation material being continuously output. Destroy and create unnecessary danger.

路 Short circuit protection: unique protection circuit design, when the ballast and the line are short-circuited, cut off immediately, will not damage the electronic ballast itself.

路 Temperature protection: When the internal working temperature of the ballast exceeds the dangerous value, the ballast will automatically reduce the power to avoid the danger caused by the continuous high temperature. When the temperature returns to normal, the ballast will automatically return to normal power.